Radiology is the medical discipline that uses medical imaging to diagnose and treat diseases within the bodies of animals, including humans.
    (a) Radio Diagnosis :  500 sq.ft.- One
    No. of rooms & their Size  : 400 Sq.ft.- One
    MachineStrength Fixed 
    X-Ray Machine800MA1
    X-Ray Machine500MA1
    X-Ray Machine300MA1
    X-Ray Machine100MA2
    X-Ray Machine60MA2
    Workload per day Nos. per day
    Radiographics40805 (2013) year Av. 100/day
    Special Radiographs :
    (e.g. Barium and Dye
    Barium study
    (IVP & sinograms everyday 6 studies)
    Ultrasonographs :
    19111 (2013) yearly Av 60/ day
    C.T. ScansThrough public private participation
    Any other like mammographs etc
     2D Echo facility-colour Doppler
     One Mammography Machine is be procured

    Radiology Department Staff List

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